Astrology will make your life better?

There is no dearth of curiosity when it comes to humans to understand the galactic plane. Each ancient civilization on the earth has tried to attribute some connections with the distant sun, moon, stars and the planets. Astrology, evolved over time with human evolution, the main objective is to study the patterns and relationships of distant planets and stars on human lives. It is believed that the position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the birth of a person in the world shapes his/her identity, personality, relationships and financial fortunes. People use astrology as a tool to find meaning and purpose of their lives. Metaphysics is the study of a thing that is beyond physical and that is where exactly astrology falls. Like yoga, acupuncture, Feng shui, astrology is founded on ancient theories of energy patterns. Astrology is not science, however, it is mix of science and art, mastery at high levels requires particular knowledge to interpret the meaning based on the movements of cosmic dance on the grand scale. Though technically this is not evidence-based science, however as the earliest known ordering of existence, it is called as “Mother of all sciences”

Types of astrology

The simple form of astrology you might have heard is sun-sign horoscope. The simplistic astrology needs nothing more than your date of birth to generate a sun-sign horoscope.  The sign refers to the 12 constellations of the zodiac, newspaper horoscopes are based on this type of astrology. This is widely popular among all people but the reliability is doubtful as it often produces generic results. If you want specific and accurate reading then you should seek someone who can check what sign each planet was in at the time of your birth, adding other elements such as houses, angles and other complex details you might get specific profile about your personality, life and future prospects.  Astrology is different in each culture and there is no unified practice, Eastern astrology is quite such as Indian, Chinese, Tibetan astrology are quite old and has their own practice while western astrology is quite modern and we today relate most with the latter. The western astrology can further be sub divided based on philosophies and methods.

  • Interrogatory astrology- This deals with seeking specific predictions or analyses about a person’s objectives or events within the person’s life.
  • Mundane astrology –This deals with predictions of events in the world.
  • Natal astrology- Seeks to make prediction and analyses based on date of a person’s birth. This is common and how most people majorly link about astrology as whole.

Final summary

Many cultures look skyward and believe in some form of energy that governs all our lives. The cosmic motion on grand scale has influence on our future prospects and life as whole. This curiosity to know ones future and fortune will keep astrology alive for many years to come. People seek expert astrologers in order to get deeper understanding of their life’s purpose, relationships with children, friends, partners, siblings and bosses. Astrology also is said to show karma of a person, hard but necessary lesson and miracles that will take place in some point of a person’s life.